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Is running for Monroe County Court Judge because after practicing law for over 21 years, she has the experience to lead from the bench, is ethical and believes in the fair administration of justice to all people who enter our court system.

  • Has represented thousands of defendants in criminal cases in our town courts, City Court, and County and Supreme Courts as an Assistant Public Defender and in private practice, for over 16 years. She is a well respected criminal defense attorney who has represented clients on felony cases in County and Supreme Court at all stages of the criminal process and has significant hearing and trial experience. She fully understands the rights of the defendants and complainants in these cases and the duties that County Court Judges have when presiding over them.
  • Represents mentally ill patients and understands mental disorders and treatment, as a Mental Hygiene Legal Service Associate Attorney, as well as the duties of County Court Judges who sometimes handle these cases and serve as Acting Supreme Court Justices. 
  • Has worked with the legal community to improve issues that have an impact on the criminal justice system by her service to the Monroe County Bar Association (MCBA), the Rochester Black Bar Association (RBBA), and Pre-Trial Services Corporation of the MCBA, among other organizations, and has received award-winning recognition for her outstanding contributions.
  • Would add a much needed perspective and level of sensitivity to the County Court bench as, if she is elected, she would be the first Black person ever elected as Monroe County Court Judge. This is even more likely since she is also female and an immigrant.
  • Is ready, willing and able to lead from the bench and fairly administer justice to all those who rely on our court system. She firmly believes that serving as a County Court Judge is the best way for her to do so, given her experience and commitment to justice.

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